Why Thinvent ?

Choose Thinvent for your Mini PC and Thin Client needs.

Known for making Rugged Mini PC

Long lasting hardware, software, cabinet and power supply.

Made and designed in India

Thinvent is proud to boast that all our products are designed and made in India.

We offer customisation

All your unique needs will be taken care of with our customised solutions. We listen to our customers.

Dedicated customer support

In house team of experts who work on hardware and software.

Low cost

Low power consumption. This means it runs longer on UPS and solar. And your long term energy costs are low.


Use less plastic materials with the minimal impact on the environment.

More than 15 years of experience

Dozens of trusted clients across major industries including Indian railways.

Easy to repair

We Keep the products simple to repair. Avoid exotic custom components.

Fanless System

The absence of moving parts reduces the dust accumulation and products work longer.

Our Clientele

Our Partners

What is Thin Client Technology?

A thin client is a lightweight stateless, fanless desktop terminal that has no hard drive. Features found on the desktop PC, including applications, sensitive data, memory, etc., are stored back in the data center when using a thin client. 

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