Banking Infrastructure for The Karnataka Bank

Karnataka Bank Limited is an Indian private sector bank based in Mangalore.

Addressing Downtime and OS

Crash Disruptions

Karnataka bank faced frequent downtimes and OS crashes resulting in disruptions in crucial as well as regular banking operations.

Efficiency Restored with Thinvent

Neo 4 Mini PC

The bank adopted the Thinvent Neo 4 Mini PC. Its high-quality non-moving components help keep dust and moisture away. Dust and moisture are leading factors in hard drive crashes leading to corrupt OS. A common occurrence in desktop PCs.

Drastic Downtime Reduction and Operational Efficiency

By switching from desktop computers to Thinvent Neo 4 Mini PC, the bank not only achieved better performance but also managed to reduce cost. The reported downtime experienced a drastic decrease- from 10% to less than 1%. Since Thinvent Neo 4 Mini PC successfully runs 24/7, the bank could efficiently organise its operations in multiple shifts.

250+ Thinvent Neo 4 successfully running since 2022

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