Thinvent is a pioneer in the emerging field of rapid embedded development. In the era of convergence, the difference between computers, mobile phones and media players has vanished. There is a huge demand for a plethora of devices that handle multiple tasks simultaneously. Time to market is everything. Customer expectations on performance and features is very high. Traditional embedded development lifecycles simply cannot deliver this speed and agility.

Thinvent provides you with the right set of products and services, that can help you rapidly convert your concepts into saleable products. Our close interaction with leading Silicon vendors, board designers and manufacturers, as well as our command on the Linux OS, allows us to deliver the complete package to you.

Downloads Links

  • Thinvent’s Embedded Linux SDK.
  • Telecom and VoIP Development.
  • Datasheet.

Links Projects

  • A media-gateway handling more than 300 simultaneous TDM channels.
  • A soft-switch suitable for enterprise-wide IPPBX deployment.
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