What is a Media Gateway?

A media gateway is a translation unit between disparate communication systems such as VoIP, NGN, PSTN, 3G etc. Media gateways are responsible for the translation of various codecs and protocols to enable the smooth interconnection of disparate networks.

Modern media gateways support advanced features such as n-way video conferencing and IVR menus. Many media gateways have an in-built IP-PBX, and thus support almost all the features of a PBX/Telephone exchange.

Specifics of the media gateway under development

The media gateway is being developed on hardware designed by our customer. This SBC is powered by a Freescale 6xx PPC processor. For media handling (codecs), we use TI DSPs powered by a proprietary API layer. The media gateway supports T1, E1, FXS, FXO, E&M and IP interfaces. It can either act as an edge device or as a full fledged PBX.

 How can Thinvent help you develop an embedded VoIP product?

Thinvent provides development support on embedded and PC platforms to its customers. In the case of the media gateway project, for instance, we are handling the complete firmware development for our customer. We work closely with the hardware development team at the customer’s R&D facility. A few of the important services that we are offering to the customer are:

  1. Porting of base IPPBX application (Asterisk) to the custom hardware of the customer
  2. Providing device interface description (zaptel interface) to enable integration of the customer’s hardware devices with Asterisk
  3. Porting of the DSP API to the custom hardware
  4. Interfacing the DSP API with Asterisk
  5. Unit testing of the firmware
  6. Documentation and training

Mode of Operation

Our embedded projects are carried out on a milestone basis. This enables the customer to monitor the progress during the course of the project. Any foreseen risk is mitigated via appropriate channels and methods. We ensure that the deadlines are met and ultimately the customer is satisfied.

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