IP Switching

The Internet is revolutionising all forms of communication. Packet data networks are now being widely used to carry voice and video traffic. VoIP offer features and cost advantages never before achieved in circuit switched communication. Thinvent is at the forefront of this revolution, developing soft-switching, IP-PBX and media gateway products for use in large enterprises.

IP to TDM Conversion

With the advent of IP based telecom networks, there is a need to interconnect the voice and video channels of circuit and packet networks. This tasks involves protocol bridging and codec transcoding, and requires specialised DSP development. We are developing such products for customers such as Coral Telecom.

Wireless Connectivity

WiFi is emerging as a useful and exciting solution for both last mile and back haul connectivity. We provide customers with the ability to eliminate wires and cables, both within the premises, and from the premise to the NOC. We provide industry leading throughput, reliability, security and range.

Unified Communication

We have provided converged voice-email-video-IM communication solutions to select large and medium customers.

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