I was lucky enough to receive not one but two Raspberry Pi‘s from the first production lot. I don’t know how. Guess the British have a soft spot for us Indians 😉

I am working on building a thin client using the Raspberry Pi platform. I currently have Squeeze (Debian 6.0) booting on the board, and have tested FreeRDP to be working fine. I don’t have an awesome Windows Server to test against. So I did one better. I connected it to an XRDP server across the planet. The XRDP server is a on 4 Mbps down, 2 Mbps up DSL link in India. I am on a 3 Mbps DSL link on AT&T. The results weren’t awesome, of course. They were not as good as the same setup with an Atom N455 on the client side (again, that’s expected).

The long term plan is to get RemoteFX acceleration going using the DSP in the onboard processor. But everyone knows that Broadcom isn’t being very helpful to DSP or graphics hackers on the Raspberry Pi.

For now, I am making a build script to generate firmware. I am also looking at various Debian flavours, such as Wheezy armel, Wheezy armhf, and Precise armel. I remember seeing somewhere that Precise won’t work on the Raspberry Pi – in which case I’ll just drop that from the list.

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