In a world full of endpoint devices for VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure), Zero Clients are one of the most preferred devices. But what actually is a Zero Client? Zero Client is a compact, powerful hardware that reduces power consumption, noise and maintenance when used within a VDI environment. Zero Clients have a very fast (nearly a few seconds) boot-up speeds and are immune to viruses, decreasing the overall downtime of the device and thereby increasing the productivity of the user.

Precisely, a Zero Client has no local storage and no operating system (OS) as an endpoint device. Hence, it is named as ‘Zero Client’. Instead of an operating system, Zero Clients have a highly tuned onboard processor, specifically designed for one of the three VDI protocols (PCoIP, HDX, or RemoteFX).

Unlike Thin Client devices, which have some internal operating system and some local storage for customization of end-user applications, with Zero Clients, all desktop applications are provisioned and managed from a remote server.

Let’s explore the benefits of Zero Clients.

Zero Client Advantages

• Fast boot-up times
• Little-to-no maintenance
• Lesser involvement of IT department
• High-resolution graphic capabilities
• Higher security with less power-consumption; endpoints are secure from viruses.
• Cost implications tend to be lesser
• Quick installation and deployment with no additional configuration
• The Zero Client end user also gets that extremely quick boot-up time and starts the end user at the VDI sign-on screen when logging in.

Why choose Zero Clients?

• From the end-user perspective, there are very less or nearly no endpoint issues with Zero Clients– like a virus, or sudden upgraduation, or system failure. Even on the IT side, professionals need not get too much involved in the management and maintenance as all of their end-users are centralized, and upgrades are done in group updates.
• Other than a few login differentiation, front end (what the end-user sees) desktop virtualization with Zero Client endpoints looks and feels just like a traditional desktop experience. When logging in, each user sees their personal desktop just as they normally would, up to and including preferred settings. And, the end-user can now obtain this same desktop anywhere – regardless of the hardware device.

Having such great advantages of Zero Clients, it is all the more essential to deploy it at your workplace. To offer cost-effective and the best quality state-of-the-art Zero Clients, Thinvent has its own Zero client named Micro 2. Let’s glance through its unique features:
• Ultra-low power consumption (less than 5 watts)
• Smallest zero client in the market
• Powerful dual-core 1.2 GHz ARM processor
• RDP protocol support for Remote Desktop connectivity to Windows and Linux servers

These are just a handful features.

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