Customer :Delhi State Cooperative Bank Ltd.


Delhi State Cooperative Bank Ltd. faced the challenge of adapting it web based core banking application to run seamlessly on thin client across its network of 40 branches.Originally developed for the Internet Explorer (IE) browser, the bank now needed to ensure compatibility with Linux-based browsers, necessitating a major system overhaul.

Requirements:The project’s success hinged on meeting several key requirements:

  • Application Compatibility: The core banking application needed to render correctly on the Linux-based thin clients, maintaining its functionality and appearance.
  • Printer Support: The solution had to accommodate printers lacking original equipment manufacturer (OEM) Linux drivers, ensuring that day-to-day banking operations, including generating physical documents, could continue without a hitch.
  • UI Customizations: To streamline operations, the bank required custom user interface (UI) modifications enabling the automatic launch of the Core Banking application upon login.
  • Embedded Office Applications: In order to facilitate everyday tasks, the new system needed to incorporate embedded office applications for various operational needs.

Products Used : The bank relied on the following products to address these challenges.

Linux-based Firmware for Thin Clients : The deployment of Linux-based firmware for their thin clients, provided by Thinvent, formed the backbone of the solution. This firmware served as the bridge between the bank’s existing web-based core banking application and the Linux-based thin client environment.

Results : The implementation of Linux-based firmware, as provided by Thinvent, yielded several significant outcomes.

  • Application Compatibility : The firmware allowed the bank’s core banking application to function seamlessly on the Linux-based thin clients, eliminating compatibility issues that could have disrupted banking oprations.
  • Printer Support : Even in the absence of OEM Linux drivers, the system provided reliable support for printers. This ensured that essential documents could be generated without any hindrance, thus preserving the bank’s ability to serve its customers effectively.
  • UI Customizations : The tailored UI enhancements facilitated the automatic launch of the core banking application, simplifying the user experience and expediting daily operations.
  • Embedded Office Applications : The integration of office applications into the system enabled the bank’s staff to efficiently handle their daily tasks and document-related activities, contributing to improved productivity.
  • Cost Savings : The adoption of the virus-free and maintenance-free Linux environment on transaction terminals not only enhanced security and reliability but also led to a significant reduction in the costs associated with supporting remote branches.

Future Scope

As the Delhi State Cooperative Bank Ltd. continues to grow and evolve, the successful deployment of the Linux-based firmware opens up promising future opportunities :

  • Expansion : The bank has the potential to leverage this solution by licensing more copies of the firmware for new branches, ensuring that these new locations benefit from the same efficient core banking system.
  • Legacy System Replacement : The bank can gradually replace older PCs in existing branches with thin clients running the Linux-based firmware, aligning them with the modern, secure, and cost-effective technology stack.

By implementing this innovative solution, Delhi State Cooperative Ltd. has not only resolved its immediate challenges but also positioned itself for sustained growth enhanced efficiency and reduced operational growth.

Illustration 1: Architecture of Thinux Embedded Linux

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