DevOps Services
Thinvent helps SaaS companies deliver their products in an efficient, reliable and cost effective manner.
We achieve this by delivering DevOps, Ops, NOC and Tools as a service to our customers.

We provide engineering teams with dedicated DevOps and Ops engineers who build, operate, secure and automate infrastructure.

System Operations is a People Problem

20% of the team strength at any SaaS company comprises of DevOps engineers. Over and above this, operations and NOC teams are required to ensure 24×7 smooth and secure operation of sites.

Technology leaders that are great at creating products, are usually not as adept at delivering them over the cloud.

Domains like security, scalability and reliability require extensive industry knowledge and interaction. It is hard for a early stage companies to acquire and retain people with these skills at their scale of operations.

Maintaining a 24×7 vigil is necessary to ensure customer satisfaction. However, being always available to fix site issues takes its toll on dev team morale.

What a well run site needs
The stacks, tools and processes that power successful, scalable websites

Client Impact:
Internal monitoring of all systems, resources and stacks.
External monitoring of the site – uptime and response times.

Developer Impact:
Graphical visibility into all aspects of the site. Graphically view the impact of any changes you make to the site.

Metrics, Analytics, Logs

Client Impact:
Real time metrics help monitor system health and application performance.d response times.

Developer Impact:
Create a verification trail and visualise application logs. Identify issues and resolve problems faster.


Escape dependency hell when deploying code using containers. Save money on your cloud infrastructure bills. Scale faster with greater predictability.


Website performance is critical to your success. We enable CDN, caching, in memory databases, image optimisation, DNS migration, pipelining and connection pooling on your site to improve performance and Google ranking.


Client Impact:
Cloud security is a vast field. It requires continuous effort and alertness to stay on top of security threats. We implement a number of processes and tools so you can stay ahead of attackers.

External security audit and test agencies provide detailed reports of security threats on your site. We provide you with the expertise and manpower required to action out their recommendations and secure your site.

Automated Infrastructure

System Orchestration:
No more logging into the AWS console to create a new web server. Add the web server in the CMDB and the orchestration pipeline will launch a new instance, configure it, deploy your release, and add it to the cluster. All automatically.

Orchestration ensures all of your servers look exactly the same, without any “secret sauce” being typed in at the console to make them work.

Automated Build and Testing


Release quicker, with greater accuracy. Eliminate uncertainties from the release process.

Continuous Integration:
A continuous integration pipeline ensures all your commits integrate well with the rest of the system. Automated tests ensure any errors or API compatibility breakages are detected faster.

Automated Deployment

Continuous Delivery and Deployment:
Orchestrate your system so you can deploy any commit or release to a new or existing test, dev or staging environment at the press of a button.

Configuration Management:
Your code cannot run without the configurations, settings and packages it needs. A CMDB captures all these settings, and the architecture of your infrastructure in git – configuration is code!

Cloud Computing
A Simpler, Cheaper Paradigm

Cloud Migration:
Say goodbye to the high cost of hardware and hosting by migrating your applications to the cloud.

Cloud services are flexible and scalable, and you pay for what you use. Migrating your application infrastructure to the cloud to makes it more robust, efficient and economic. We are here to help you walk through the challenges of this migration.

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