In this world of technology, the business should delight the customers, beat the competitors in the market, and adapt to the changes when it is needed. And very often, the flexibility to deliver quality software quickly and reliably is what drives success during this new world of business value.

Thinvent DevOps Assessment evaluates an organization’s culture, business processes and development architecture to work out their overall maturity for enabling the capabilities implemented by high-performing software development organizations. During our evaluation, Thinvent will measure your hierarchical structure, group make-up, and building practices to help recognize enhancements that advance development, steadiness, and expanded joint effort.

Benefits of DevOps Assessment:

  • Assess current knowledge
  • Determine strengths and improvement Areas
  • Identify potential roadblocks and impediments
  • Develop an actionable growth plan leading to a DevOps roadmap
  • Identify and start tracking key DevOps metrics
  • Identify and start tracking key DevOps metrics

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