While some businesses boast having DevOps engineers on their teams, not everyone can implement DevOps practices and principles the right way. That’s why many IT companies stick to DevOps as a Service (DaaS) concept and offer it to their clients and Thinvent helps companies deliver their products in an efficient, reliable, and cost-effective manner. We achieve this by delivering DevOps, Ops, NOC, and Tools as a service to our customers.

Advantages of DevOps outsourcing:

  • Access to the top talentThinvent provides engineering teams with dedicated DevOps and Ops engineers who build, operate, secure, and automate infrastructure. If you hire an experienced engineer, you’ll be getting service from the very first day. No need to spend time and money on gathering the team and training.
  • Fast DeliveryA Managed DevOps provider offers a deeper pool for peer-to-peer education and for mentoring, which builds strong team dynamics and makes individual engineers smarter and more effective and thus driving business to success.
  • Lower ExpenseYou don’t have to pay taxes, buy hardware or software licenses, rent an office, and make a workplace comfortable for an engineer. You pay only for the job done and nothing more.
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