Thinvent is a Gurugram based manufacturing firm. We have a team of Engineers for design, development, manufacturing of our products. We also have a big sales team, support team, and compliance team.

To protect your team and others around us from Corona Virus or COVID-19, we are taking appropriate precautions. We are following advice provided by your local public health agency and WHO.

  • We have placed hand washing stations within the office.
  • Most of our staff have been doing work from home.
  • We have a temperature gun to check the body temperature of any employees or guests who come to the office.
  • We have already provided our workers with masks and gloves. They have proper training in maintaining distance and personal hygiene, so as to avoid contracting or transmitting COVID-19.
  • We have assigned a dedicated workplace to every employee to avoid workplace sharing.
  • We are running the shifts with minimum workers maintaining the distance of at least 3 meters with each other. We reduced the working shift from 8 hours to 6 hours only.
  • We are not allowing any worker to do any hard work such as lifting any heavy packets or shifting any material within the office.
  • We are maintaining regular housekeeping practice include routine cleaning and disinfecting the surfaces.
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