Passengers use ATVM kiosks to buy tickets at Mumbai suburban

Passengers use ATVM kiosks to purchase tickets at Mumbai suburban

Thinvent provides a one-stop solution for both interactive and self-service kiosks. Interactive kiosks help you popularise your products and services, and receive customer feedback. Self-service kiosks allow you to carry out a plethora of business transactions in an automated and electronic manner.

Thinvent has worked on some of the largest kiosk projects in the country, with applications as varied as ticketing, HR, safety, reservation and enquiry. We take care of all the hardware, software and application needs of a kiosk.

Thinvent provides integration with a mind-boggling array of peripheral devices. Biometric scanners, touchscreens, thermal printers, GPRS modems, large plasma displays, smart card readers, bar code scanners, cameras, LED displays, serial data loggers, relays, breath analysers, UPS monitors, laser printers – these are just some of the devices that we have successfully integrated into kiosks for various projects.

Thinvent’s kiosks are stable, secure, manageable, versatile and fully customisable. Constant remote monitoring ensures high service uptime of your kiosks. Each product is backed by our vast experience in the kiosk field. Thinvent will assist you in converting your operator-driven applications to customer-facing kiosk format applications.

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