Productivity & Efficiency Boost for Ocrolus

Ocrolus is a leading provider in the BPOs, KPOs & Outsourcing industry. It is a fintech infrastructure company that

transforms documents into actionable data.

Overcoming PC Constraints in BPO & KPO


Ocrolus employees faced several challenges while using desktops. They could not carry it out of their office for work from home during covid 19 lockdown period and came with multiple wires and connections. Moreover, Ocrolus needed to run their own OS in their systems for performing high security business operations.

Optimising operations with Thinvent Neo 4

Mini PC

Ocrolus switched to Thinvent Neo 4 Mini PC. It has fewer connections and no moving parts. A compact and portable Mini PC it can be connected to variety of displays including a TV. Since all Thinvent Mini PCs are highly customizable, Ocrolus found it easy to install their own OS and run their applications to perform tasks that demand high security.

Cost savings and remote work success

Ocrolus saved costs since, Thinvent Neo 4 costs half the price of a standard laptop.Their employees take the Thinvent Neo 4 home and continue working on critical tasks outside of business hours. This was especially beneficial to the company during lockdown when their employees continued to work from home in a highly secured environment.

1000+ Thinvent Neo 4 successfully running since 2019

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