Enhanced Productivity and Simplified Management with Thin Clients

Work Faster

By running all programs on powerful servers, thin client computing provides processing speeds simply achievable by ordinary PCs.

No Software Installation

No more PC preparation, software installation, configuration and formatting. Install all software once on the server, run from any thin client!

No More Downtime

Computer downtime is a thing of the past with reliable thin clients. If a thin client does fail, you can simply replace it and start work immediately, rather than wait for your PC and data to be recovered.

Work from Anywhere!

No longer are you tied to the PC on your desk. Log in from anywhere in your office and access your programs and files.

Never Log Out!

Never logout or shutdown again! Turn off the thin client on your desk, but leave your programs running on the server.

Work from Anywhere

Work from your home or your client’s location. Access your desktop, programs and files from anywhere in the world!

Centralised Upgrades

No matter walking to desks and disturbing users when performing hardware and software upgrades. All upgrades are done on your servers in your datacenter, not at the workdesks.

Centralised Backups

No more backing up of each PC. Simply backup your server and you are done.
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