Thin Client Savings

Capital Expenditure
  • Thin Client purchase cost 50% 50%
  • PC purchase cost 100% 100%
Cut your PC procurement costs in half by switching to thin clients
  • Thin Client power consumption 13% 13%
  • PC power consumption 100% 100%
Reduce your energy consumption from 150 Watts per computer to just 20 Watts. Good for the environment, great for your monthly budget.
  • Thin Client maintenance cost over three years 10% 10%
  • PC maintenance cost over three years 100% 100%
An average organisation spends Rs. 3,000 per year per computer on annual maintenance contracts. Eliminate this wasteful expense with Thinvent’s thin clients, that require no on-site maintenance.
  • Thin Client life expectancy 100% 100%
  • PC life expectancy 33% 33%
Tired of replacing your computers every three to four years? Guess what, thin clients never need replacement. Whenever things feel a little sluggish, just upgrade your server, and all the thin clients in your organisation speed up!


75% less UPS, 75% less batteries. Reduce your dependence on toxic lead acid batteries, and save the environment too!


Reduce the capacity, fuel consumption, noise and air pollution of your diesel gensets by 75%!

Air Conditioning

Thin client users experience a significant reduction in their air conditioning bills. All that extra energy consumed by PCs is being dissipated as heat all day. With the energy and heat gone, you need less air conditioning to keep your workers cool and productive.

Office Space

Rental costs are one of the biggest drains on a businesses monthly expenses. Reduce your office or lab space requirement by 25% – simply replace your bulky PCs with slim thin clients.

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