Security Enhancement at Axis Bank

Axis bank is one of India’s largest banks. As financial institution, information security and data protection is of

paramount importance.

Mitigating data leads risks on Windows OS

Axis bank was compelled to replace their Windows desktops with secure and durable solution for their critical operations capable of running 24/7. The shift was prompted by the recognition that Windows desktops posed a risk of potential data leaks and hacks.

Thinvent Neo R Mini PC with Thinux OS

– A Secure Shift

Axis bank transitioned to the Thinvent Neo R Mini PC, featuring Thinvent’s secure OS Thinux. This strategic shift ensures a robust and protected environment for the bank’s critical operations.

Enhanced Data Security and 24/7


Axis bank successfully upgraded its data security infrastructure and reduced downtime by adopting Thinvent Neo 4 Mini PC, crafted from high-quality raw materials and equipped with reliable internal components. This choice provided a long-lasting,
highly durable, and cost-effective solution.

5000+ Thinvent Neo 4 successfully running since 2018

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