1. Open remmina application by double-clicking on its icon which is available on the device’s desktop.

    1. Click on the plush icon which is available on the right-hand side of the top corner

New window will pop-up

    1. In the Name field, put any name.

    1. In the Protocol field, choose RDP-Remote Desktop Protocol

    1. In the Server field, put the IP address of your RDP server.

    1. In the User name field, put the username which is created on your RDP server.

In the User password field, put the password of the user account.

    1. In the Resolution field, choose Use client resolution.

    1. In the Color depth field, choose True color (32 bpp).

    1. Now Save these settings.
    2. Double click on the name which you gave in the Name field.

    1. Now Accept Certificate Window has popped-up.Click on Yes.

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