How to configure the Static IP Address..
1. Open Firefox or Chrome web browser .
2. On the address bar enter localhost or localhost address
3. Enter your Webmin Login name and password in the Webmin server login dialog box.


4. Click on Networking in the left pane of Webmin. Click on Network Configuration to list the network interface present .
5. Click on the name of the network interface you want to edit .If using wired network click on eth0 interface.
6. Once the interface is recognized, the steps to configure it are

7. If you want the interface to be brought up at boot time, set the Activate at boot? field to Yes.


8. In the protocol field select Static.
9 . In the IP Address field, enter an address.
10. Enter the netmask for the network the interface is on into the Netmask field, such
as .
11. In the Primary Name Server field enter the address of Primary Name Server
such .
12. In the Secondary Name Server field enter the address of Secondary Name Server such as
13. In the. default domain = thinvent field add the default domain .
14. Press Save and Apply . Wait a few seconds for the network interface to restart with new IP address

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