Ticketing solution for Indian Railways

Indian railway has the world’s 2nd largest rail network.

Millions of Daily Ticket

Sales and Modernization Requirements

Indian Railways sells millions of tickets daily through its counters nationwide. A cutting-edge ticketing and charting solution, in line with CRIS specifications, is required. It must ensure compatibility with existing software, seamlessly integrate with CRIS servers, and enhance efficiency and reliability. The solution also needs durability to withstand diverse weather conditions.

Crafting Efficiency with Neo S Thin Client

Thinvent engineered Neo S Thin Client specifically for Indian Railways – a rugged, durable, and secure computer. It seamlessly integrates with CRIS’s software and servers after undergoing thorough technical evaluation. Deployed across ticketing counters, Thinvent thin client ensures efficient ticket and chart printing for railway operations.

Catalyzing Transformation in Ticketing


Neo S revolutionized railway ticketing, effortlessly printing millions of tickets at both reserved and unreserved counters. This enhances chart viewing and printing convenience for staff, significantly streamlining railway services. As Indian Railways modernizes its ticketing system, we proudly serve as the catalyst for this transformation. With 10,000+ Thinvent thin clients operating seamlessly across railway zones since 2007, our solution redefines efficiency and reliability in railway ticketing.

10,000+ Thinvent Neo S successfully running since 2007

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