Transforming Education for Akal Academy

Akal academy is a chain of schools run by Kalgidhar society in mostly hilly areas of rural north india.

Revolutionizing Education in Remote

Hilly Areas

Akal academy schools are powered by Solar. The desktops consumes high power. Moreover, over 90% of their schools are situated in remote locations where most brands are unserviceable. In addition to this, frequent physical damage was reported in the computers since the primary users are young children.

Sustainable Learning with Thinvent Neo 4

Mini PC

Thinvent Neo 4 Mini PC consumes less power, about 15-20 W and therefore runs smoothly on solar power. When it comes to the built Thinvent Neo 4 is made up of high quality metal and doesn’t have any moving parts.

This innovative design of Thinvent Neo 4 not only shields it from outer breakage but also safeguards its crucial inner components from damage in the event of fall. All this was combined with dedicated support for all its remotely located schools.

Digital Literacy and Cost Efficiency for

Akal Academy

Thinvent is proud to contribute to Akal Academy’s mission of spreading quality education to rural areas. More than 950+ computer labs are powered by Thinvent devices enabling digital literacy. Moreover, Akal Academy managed to save costs by replacing one traditional desktop with Thinvent Neo 4 Mini PCs.

2500+ Thinvent Neo 4 and Neo H successfully running since 2021

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