Jan Sadharan Ticket

Booking Seva(JTBS)

Information on the JTBS scheme of the Indian Railways

What is JTBS?
JTBS or Jan Sadharan Ticket Booking Seva is an outsourcing scheme of the Indian Railways. It allows entrepreneurs to set up ticket sale counters near railway stations and sell unreserved railway tickets. The selected Jansadharan Ticket Booking Sewaks (operators) sell unreserved rail tickets through computerised UTS (Unreserved Ticketing System) terminals.

JTBS was conceptualised and introduced with a view to improve dispensation of unreserved tickets in city areas other than the railway stations and provide jobs. These would be beneficial for passengers as they could get the general tickets in the market instead of going to the station.

What are the rules governing JTBS counters?
  • JTBS counters can issue all Unreserved Tickets except concessional tickets.
  • JTBS operators collect Re. 1.00 per passenger as service charge from the passengers. This amount is included in the ticket printed by the JTBS terminal. This commission is retained by the operator as service fees for running the JTBS counter.
  • JTBS counter is authorised to issue cash tickets only.
  • JTBS counter can issue concessional tickets to senior citizens only.
  • No cancellation/refund of ticket at JTBS counters is permitted.
  • JTBS counter is not allowed to sell platform tickets.
  • JTBS operators are allowed to renew season tickets. Each season ticket is to be treated as single ticket/single passenger for the purpose of levy of service charge.
What are some of the benefits extended by the Railways to JTBS operators?
  • For sale of the rail ticket, JTBS sewak will be given the service charges at the rate of Re 1 per passenger.
  • JTBS operators may be permitted to operate an additional counter provided the sale of tickets is more than 800 per day on each counter for at least one month.
  • JTBS operators may be allowed to shift from the original location to a new location to increase sale of tickets.
  • In the appointment of JTBS, adequate representation is given to the people belonging to Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe, Other Backward Class, minorities, freedom fighter/women/ widow of martyrs/ widow of railway employees.
  • The present tenure of contract of 2 years is enhanced to 3 years renewable by tenure of three years subject to satisfactory performance of the JTBS operator and if one abides by all other terms and conditions prevailing at the time of renewal.
  • Service charges to be realized by JTBS shall be Re. 1.00 per passenger instead of Re. 1.00 per ticket.
What role does Thinvent play in JTBS?
Thinvent has developed a dumb terminal product that is 100% compatible with the Unreserved Ticketing System of the Indian Railways. Developed in cooperation with CRIS, an Indian Railways body, this product is successfully running across multiple Railways zones and JTBS counters.

Thinvent provides JTBS operators with a turnkey technology solution, including terminal, printer, modem and terminal server.

What equiment is needed for JTBS?
To run a JTBS counter, you need the following equipment:

  • JTBS compatible dumb terminal. The terminal should come with compatible monitor and keyboard.
  • Ticket printer.
  • Modem on counter end.
  • Modem on Railways end.
  • Optionally, you may be required to purchase a terminal server on the Railways end.
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