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Unreserved Passengers

Indian Railways (IR), the largest rail network in Asia and the world’s second largest under one management, spanning over 6000 stations, carries 17 million passengers every day. Only a million passengers travel with reserved seat tickets, and the remaining 16 million passengers travel each day without a confirmed seat. While reserved ticketing is enabled technology, there was still no respite for passengers queuing at the unreserved ticket counters. JTBS was conceptualised and introduced with a view to improve dispensation of unreserved tickets in market instead of going to the station and provide jobs.

Thinvent Technologies Pvt.Ltd. with support from Center for Railway Information System (CRIS) has developed it own JTBS-UTS set-up. This implementation has helped increase operational efficiency and has also enhanced customer ticketing experience tremendously. Key technologies developed by Thinvent to enable the project are:

All in One Dumb Terminal

  1. Revolutionary new design that integrates LCD monitor and thin client into one sleek device.
  2. Ultra Low Power Consumption.
  3. Sleak Device to minimize space consumption.
  4. One Device that works for all UTS, PRS and Dumb Terminal.
  5. Easy to operate.

State-of-art firmware features

  1. Flexible password protected local terminal setup menu allows.
    1. Terminal answer back support.
    2. Programmable functional keys, with support for shift and control key combination.
    3. Remote accessibility and configuration through Ethernet connectivity.
    4. USB and LAN port access.
  2. Printing
    1. Provides Bi-directional data communication with Dot Matrix Printer.
    2. Serial or parallel port printing is selectable.
    3. ISCII (83, 88 and 91) printing with Epson, TVSE, Printronix, and MT-Lipi emulation.
    4. Provides support for printing of all Indian languages.
  3. Terminal Emulation
    1. SSH, Telnet, VT100 and VT220 terminal emulation.
    2. Railways UTS and PRS form download capability.
    3. Full key mapping of VT-220 terminal
    4. Supports multiple Baud rates such as 9600, 38400, and 115200.
  4. Convenience tools such as a calculator are build-In.
  5. Write protected firmware.

Railway compliant communication apparatus

  1. Server Side Converter and Transmitter
  2. Remote site Receiver Modem

Railway Compliant Dot Matrix Printer

  1. Ticket printing in less than 20 seconds
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