Thinvent has developed a special Thin Client for the operation of offline UTS application developed by CRIS. This thin client supports the following applications:

  • CRIS UTS application running in offline or online mode.
  • Server based UTS and PRS application running in terminal emulation mode.
  • Connection to servers using both Ethernet (IP) network, and serial (25 pin) connection to Terminal Server.

Salient Features

  • Ruggedised hardware to withstand harsh Indian operating conditions.
  • Customised to support the CRIS UTS application written in C++
  • Complete support for Sybase iAnywhere, UNIXODBC, etc.
  • Support for printing of all scheduled Indian languages on a local Dot Matrix Printer using Unicode, ISCII 83 and ISCII 88 encoding standards.
  • Rexec, RSH, SSH, Telnet and FTP for remote access.
  • Web based remote monitoring and management suite built in.
  • Two high speed serial ports, and one Centronics Parallel port, built in.
  • Fastest hardware in the market, with 1.6 GHz fanless Intel Atom processor, 2 GB DDR3 RAM, and two 4 GB SATA flashes. Gives twice the performance of competing thin clients.
  • Uses Thinvent’s secure Thinux Embedded Linux operating system with industry lowest footprint.



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