The Indian Railways carries more than 10 lakh reserved passengers a day. The Passenger Reservation System (PRS) of the Indian Railways carries out more than 15 lakh transactions a day. The number of transactions far exceeds the number of passengers, because of wait-listed tickets and cancellation. Only about 4 lakh transactions a day are done through the IRCTC website. The remaining transactions, more than 10 lakh a day, are carried out at the PRS counters. Therefore the importance of the PRS counters cannot be understated.The character mode PRS application runs on UNIX servers, and is accessed online using Dumb Terminals and Thin Clients running in terminal emulation mode. The system is completely network dependent. Passenger operated kiosks for reservation are currently not provided. Third party reservation is now mostly done at Internet cafes.

Our Products

Thinvent has developed both Dumb Terminals and Thin Clients, optimised for the smooth operation of PRS. The following modes of operation are supported:

  • Reservation and Cancellation
  • Bulk Booking
  • Inquiry
  • Local Charting
  • Network Charting
  • Reporting and Accounting


Both products can be connected to the network in one of two ways:

  • By 25 pin serial connection to a Terminal Server.
  • By Ethernet connection directly to a Switch.
  • Complete multi-session support is provided in both serial and network modes of operation.


  • The products support fast printing in Hindi and other Indian languages to all IR ticket and chart printers.
  • Complete support for both ISCII 83 and ISCII 88 is provided.
  • Printing to either the 9 pin auxiliary serial port, or the 25 pin Centronics parallel port, is supported. External printer switchers are also supported, when connected to the Centronics port.


  • Supports 15.6″ wide or higher resolution LCD monitors connected to the VGA port.
  • Both 80 columns and 132 columns mode are supported in high resolution.


  • The Dumb Terminal come with a DEC style 105 key mechanical keyboard.
  • The keyboard is mapped as per the DEC 105 key keyboard layout.
  • Programmable function key support is disabled.

Software Features:

  • Supports local clock, calendar and calculator.
  • Our compact, read-only Linux based firmware can not be modified by the user.
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