Remote Monitoring

A Modern Enterprise is a Connected Enterprise

Today, IT is critical to business delivery. Wide Area Networking enables businesses to deliver centralised IT systems to the far corners of their enterprise. It enables instant communication and data interchange between branches.

With the current state of networks in India, remote application delivery is fraught with problems. Most wide area networks (WAN) are created using virtual private networking (VPN) over the Internet. Internet connectivity itself may be delivered over leased lines or DSL. The reliability of this connectivity is not such that IT managers can take their WAN for granted.

Keeping the Network Alive

Given the total dependence of the enterprise on the WAN, failures cause immediate disruption of work, and branch users start calling the central office for support. It is therefore important for all stakeholders to be immediately informed of network failures, and to begin fixing the problem as soon as it occurs.

The right information is key to solving network problems. It helps people work together and resolve issues. Network Management Systems help the IT department stay on top of their networks.

How can Thinvent help you maintain your WAN?

  • Thinvent has been founded by engineers who have more than fifteen years of experience in managing networks.
  • We understand that reachability tests are insufficient to determine the health of a modern network. Today’s users want application performance, which also needs to be measured, monitored, graphed and reported.
  • IT staff are no longer tethered to the NOC. We enable monitoring and management through mobile devices and the web, giving you the freedom to move around while still being in complete control.
  • We provide a holistic solution that monitors your network, servers, as well as the data centre environment.

Key Features:

  • Immediately reports failures over email, SMS and web to all stakeholders – IT support, service provider and branch manager.
  • Comprehensive graphs and reports that demonstrate availability. We convert raw data into useful information that can be presented to senior management as well as service providers.
  • Built in tracking and collaboration system for acknowledgement and escalation of issues.
  • Distributed configuration enables local monitoring of regional offices even during a WAN outage.
  • Failover configuration provides high availability.

Network Monitoring Features:

  • Monitors all critical network elements constantly.
  • Ascertains the exact nature of the fault.
  • Provides overlay of network status on geographical maps.
  • Automatic host detection and creation of configuration files.

Key Application Monitoring Features:

  • Detects problems that inhibit application delivery at a remote site – port blocks, latency, congestion and packet drop.
  • Monitors server performance – load, disk space, JVM threads, number of SQL queries and HTTP requests served per minute, etc.
  • Monitors application performance at remote site – the time it takes to load a web page or synchronise a database.

Key Application Monitoring Features:

  • Comes bundled in a self contained monitoring appliance.
  • This solid state, flash based device is plug-and-play configurable in your network.
  • It comes with its own robust Linux operating system, web based management, and comprehensive logging.