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Digital Screen Technology

Thinvent has created revolutionary new technology that tightly binds together the display panel and the computer mainboard to create an integrated digital display. These all-in-one units form the building block of your next product, whether it is an interactive kiosk, digital signage, thin client, low cost computer or educational device.

  • LCD sizes – 7″ to 42″ diagonal
  • Processor – 300 MHz ARM+DSP to Atom Dual Core 1.6 GHz
  • RAM and flash – configurable. Soldered on board for robustness.
  • Power Supply – DC 12V (directly powered from external brick, solar charger or battery) or 230V AC (directly powered from wall socket).
  • Backlight – LED or CCFL
  • Optional integrated peripherals – Touchscreen, speakers, HDD.
  • Optional external peripherals – Biometric scanner, keypad, breath analyser, smart card reader, thermal printer, bar code scanner, magnetic swipe reader, LED display, cash and coin handlers, etc.

Laptops are fragile, portable and essentially personal devices. PCs are power hungry, large, and complex to install and maintain. In contrast, Thinvent’s Digital Screens are robust equipment built for constant use in tough environments. Coupled with the Thinux OS and API, they give your application the power of “build once, deploy many”. Our flagship customers are already enjoying the fruits of this scalability.

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