Thinux Embedded Linux Network Management System Remote Management and Monitoring
Thinux NMS RMM

Solutions for the Networked Client

Developers have always sought for new and innovative ways to take their applications to their users. For far too long, Windows based PCs and thin clients were the only client side systems available. Cloud computing has changed all that. With the ubiquity of the Internet and mobile devices, user expectations have completely transformed. Thinvent helps you reach your applications to this new generation of users.

Our software products have been devised with your needs in mind:

  1. How can we rapidly deploy applications nationwide?
  2. How does one interact with a plethora of client side peripherals, when using server side computing?
  3. How do we monitor and manage this vast network of disparate devices?
  4. How can different teams like network, hardware, data centre and application development, work together to rapidly resolve customer issues.
  5. I can maintain server uptime at my data centre, but how to I deliver uptime in the field? Can server side applications be delivered on the clients, even when the network is unavailable? How do we synchronise data in such scenarios?

By resolving the above problems, we have enabled numerous government projects to scale to the farthest corners of the country.


  • Thinux – a complete desktop OS, that is easy to use, remotely manageable, and highly customisable.
  • Managed Clients that lets you capitalise on the ruggedness of thin client hardware, while providing you all the features of a complete PC.
  • Network Management System – End to end monitoring of your infrastructure – applications, databases, servers, clients, network, and client side peripherals such as printers.
  • Remote Management and Monitoring – An integral part of Thinux, RMM lets you manage your devices through the browser, and also graphically monitor key performance indicators.
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