Study from Home

Education is the foundation upon which all of the other development goals are based. It is critical that every student has an equal opportunity for a quality education.

 Thinvent has launched affordable PCs for the students so they can learn from home.


Thinvent’s Byte 1 packs unparalleled computing power in its small size.
With lesser power consumption and small form factor ,it provides a responsive and smooth desktop experience and scales with your future needs.


The Neo R Windows desktop thin client is our cost-effective thin client in the market. This Intel quad-core based thin client comes with Windows 10 IOT enterprise.

Our products features

Dial-up connection

Dial up connection from your mobile phone to connect to internet.

Bandwidth proper utilisation

Reduce or maximise Bandwidth utilisation of specific site

Operate 24x7

Our mini PC is designed to work 24 hour straight.


Students can learn more things on their PC without any distraction.

Online learning course

Our PC support popular learning sites.

Connect to the Secure Server only

Server connection to one specific server so user cannot switch.

Go Green with our made in India PC

Our made in India PC are environment friendly

Block Advertisement

Our products comes up with Ads blocker facilities so children can focus on their work.


Built-in VPN

Virtual Private Network, allows you to create a secure connection to another network over the Internet

Low cost PC

We have a wide range of low-cost PC.

Made in India

Locally produced PC

We are partnered with more than 10 courier companies for immediate delivery.

Our reliable products are working successfully PAN India.


Our strong build product is suitable for any harsh environment.

Why Thinvent?

Thinvent should be your preferred vendor of thin client solutions. Here’s why…


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Thinvent’s technical support process gives you the peace of mind you deserve.